October 11, 2009

Great Exercises for Your Legs

Having a beautiful legs is one of the best assets of a woman. Not everyone has great legs but there is a way that can help one achieve a firm legs. You can always have firm legs if you follow strictly these exercises. This routine will help you get the legs that you have ever wanted.

The thighs play an important role in having a beautiful legs. It can make or break your asset. Thigh is usually where the cellulites are found that is why it is best to use exercises for great legs that focuses more attention to your thighs. From the inner thigh, the outer thigh and the thigh in general

One of the best ways to trim extra baggage in your thigh is by doing this exercise for great legs known as the inner thigh trimmer. Begin by lying on your back and raising your legs at a right angle to your hips. Then bend your knees slightly and put your hands under your low back. Your palms should face down for a better support. Next step that you have to do is to tuck your stomach muscles tightly as you swing your legs wide. Never flap your legs open loosely as it can be a bit painful. Exhale as you go back to the original position. Inhale deeply as you spread your legs wide. To achieve best results, repeat this exercise about 10 times or so.

Another exercise for great legs that can help you get the excess fats off your outer thigh is as easy as pie. Begin by lying on your left side. You must use your forearms since it serves as the main support of your weight. Slowly extend your left leg and bend your right leg and put it at the back of the left knee. Slowly lift your left leg with the use of your bent knee. You can lift it as high as you possible can. Make sure that you keep your foot and knees parallel with eachother. Remember not to point your knees downward. Exhale as you go back to the original position. Do the same on the other leg and vice versa. A repetition of about 10 times on each of your legs should be enough.

Toned and beautiful legs can be a great asset for you. But in cases where no machines are available and you feel like doing leg exercises, you can easily try these exercises for great legs without using machines. For more fun and easy exercises visit Exercises for Great Legs ANd Find out what is the best exercise for you!


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